About Us

Legacy Management is a unique professional practice that provides strategic and operational management, fundraising, and support for public charities and foundations for professional athletes, professional and collegiate coaches, high-wealth individuals, corporations and other related causes. We also provide event management and production for a wide range of sports-related for-profit and non-profit entities.  Our team has extensive experience in the creation, development, operation, and turnaround of non-profit entities of all types and sizes.

Legacy Management utilizes our unique operational model to leverage commercial sponsorships as well as charitable donations to help our partners and clients give back to their selected beneficiaries through well-organized, effective, and efficient charitable organizations. By managing multiple foundations, we are able to reduce costs by spreading the cost of overhead across all our clients, thereby ensuring cost-effective and low-overhead management. From full-service creation and operation of a charitable organization to management of specific elements and/or events, our team provides specialized and individualized management solutions on a day-to-day basis.

Cost-effective event planning, management and production are integral services we provide our clients. In addition, Legacy engages independently in sports event production, specializing in charitable events held in conjunction with major sporting events including the Final Four, PGA Tour, College World Series, Super Bowl, and professional All-Star games.