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      Who We Are

Legacy Management is a unique professional practice that provides strategic and operational and outsourced management, fundraising, and support for non-profit associations, public charities and foundations for professional athletes, professional and collegiate coaches, high-wealth individuals, corporations and other related causes. We also provide event management and production for a wide range of sports-related for-profit and non-profit entities.  Our team has extensive experience in the creation, development, operation, and turnaround of non-profit entities of all types and sizes.  Read more...


Non-Profit Management

Legacy Management provides professional management for non-profit associations and charitable foundations. Legacy is a trusted advisor and partner to individuals and organizations who want to channel their passion and resources into an organized charitable effort that can and will change the lives of many people. We are the bridge between those with a vision and passion for helping others and those who can benefit from that vision. We help turn the desire to help others into the reality of making a difference. For associations looking for outsourced association management or high-impact specialized services, Legacy offers flexible, customized and cost-effective solutions for specific functions or long-term projects.

Event Production

Cost-effective event planning, management and production are integral services we provide our clients. In addition, Legacy engages independently in sports event production, specializing in charitable events held in conjunction with major sporting events including the Final Four, PGA Tour, College World Series, Super Bowl, and professional All-Star games. Capitalizing on the excitement and atmosphere that comes with major sporting events is our specialty. Legacy has worked extensively with broadcast partners to produce high-quality television and video programming related to special events. Legacy can produce turnkey results or assist in specific elements of any event as needed.    

Sports, Business Focus

We know high-profile athletes and coaches -- as well as high-wealth individuals and executives -- who want to give back require very specialized and personalized solutions. We understand this unique environment and have the proven ability to produce high-impact and cost-effective results for our clients. Our experience helps us provide the maximum positive impact with the least amount of interruption to the day-to-day activities of our clients. We are able to leverage our network of connections in the sports and business worlds to bring an added level of exceptional value. Legacy has a proven track record of working with high-profile clients to provide high-value results. When it comes to business and sports, Legacy is connected and committed.